Capricorn Today: Capricorn Expectations

Capricorn predictions today, 23 Feb (February) 2024: What are specific strengths and weaknesses of Capricorn

22 December (Kanun al-Awwal) - 19 January (Kanun ath-Thani)
Capricorn Today: Capricorn Expectations
Capricorn horoscope specifications
Capricorn horoscope type: Water
Favorite Color: Brown
Favorite Planet: Saturn
Favorite Precious Stone: Cornelian
Capricorn horoscope signs

Capricorn is an earthy sign, very conservative, adhering to customs and traditions, lover of the old, afraid of modernity, very stubborn, clinging to his opinion, as trees cling to the soil. Capricorn loves his land and possessions and cannot easily abandon them. He has a right opinion and a sound decision taken after long thought and consideration.

Capricorn spends most of his time in silence, thinking and planning for his future. He is very practical and tries to accomplish his work in the smallest of details.

A Capricorn is a person who loves justice and seeks to implement it in his life. But if necessary, he turns into a skilled speaker.

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