Leo Today: Leo Expectations

Leo predictions today, 2 Apr (April) 2023: What are specific strengths and weaknesses of Leo

23 July (Tammuz) - 22 August (Ab)
Leo Today: Leo Expectations
Leo horoscope specifications
Leo horoscope type: Fire
Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Planet: Sun
Favorite Precious Stone: Ruby red
Leo horoscope signs

Leo is one of the fire signs. He loves to show off and show off and loves the color yellow. Very smart and highly self-confident, and his presence has a special fragrance that distinguishes him from others.

Leo loves leadership and control. He loves to talk and likes to depend on others and give tasks. Leo is considered a very bossy and money lover.

He is characterized by his enjoyment of perfect love, as it is a sacred thing for Leo, which makes him vulnerable to many disappointments. Leo loves control and control in all aspects of life.

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