Scorpio Today: Scorpio Expectations

Scorpio predictions today, 3 Dec (December) 2022: What are specific strengths and weaknesses of Scorpio

23 October (Tishrin al-Awwal) - 21 November (Tishrin ath-Thani)
Scorpio Today: Scorpio Expectations
Scorpio horoscope specifications
Scorpio horoscope type: Water
Favorite Color: Dark red
Favorite Planet: Mars
Favorite Precious Stone: Topaz
Scorpio horoscope signs

Scorpio is a water sign and one of the most silent signs in front of strangers. He is a good listener of conversations and keeps them and uses them when his interests begin. Scorpios are very calm, but you should beware of this calmness, as they strive to achieve a certain goal.

Scorpio is very deceitful, so vigilance should be your weapon in dealing with it. Scorpios have beautiful eyes, an attractive body, a strong personality, and great influence, as they love control

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