1 Square meter = 0.0001 Hectare

How to convert from Square meter to Hectare?

Square meter to Hectare?

To convert Square meter to Hectare: Every 1 Square meter equals 0.0001 Hectare. For example, 100 Square meter equal 100 * 0.0001 = 0.01 Hectare and so on..

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What is "hectare"?

To answer this question we should first visualize the term of "are".

"are" was first identified when the metric system was introduced in 1796 as 100 square meters.

After the rationalization of the metric system in 1960, "are" was no more accepted as a unit of area, however, the hectare was not. One hectare equals 100 ares. Hectare is used widely to measure land area.

You should know that almost every sports fields are one hectare in size. Note that the centiare is one square metre while the deciare is ten square metres.

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