1 Poundal = 1.4098081850173E-5 Ton-force (metric)

How to convert from Poundal to Ton-force (metric)?

Poundal to Ton-force (metric)?

To convert Poundal to Ton-force (metric): Every 1 Poundal equals 1.4098081850173E-5 Ton-force (metric). For example, 100 Poundal equal 100 * 1.4098081850173E-5 = 0.0014098081850173 Ton-force (metric) and so on..

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What is the poundal?

The poundal is a unit of force. It can be abbreviated as pdl. It was introduced in 1877 as a part of the imperial system of units.

The poundal can be defined as the amount of force required to accelerate 1 pound mass with an acceleration of 1 foot per second.

Poundal to Ton-force (metric) Conversions Table