1 Rod = 0.0010416666666667 League

How to convert from Rod to League?

Rod to League?

To convert Rod to League: Every 1 Rod equals 0.0010416666666667 League. For example, 100 Rod equal 100 * 0.0010416666666667 = 0.10416666666667 League and so on..

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What is rod?

The rod is a unit used to measure distance. It is an old English unit. Rod is the same length as a perch (pole). perch is measured using cordage or wood.

One rod equals to 16.5 feet (5.029 metres).  The idiom "rod" is derived from the old English rodd.

Since 1965, rod has been legalized as a unit of measurement in the united kingdom.

Nowadays, the use of rod is not common but Some fields are still using it such as:

  • the acquisition of pipeline easements.
  • maps measure portages
  • recreational canoeing


What does league refer to?

League is the longest unit of length in the British Imperial system. League is no longer used although it was common in Europe and Latin America. It equals 5280 yards.

Throughout history, league had several values. Romans estimated league to be equal to 1,500 paces which is nearly 5 feet. later, league was also defined to be the distance a cannon shot could be fired at menacing ships offshore.

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