Psi to Pound-force/square inch Unit Converter - 1 Psi in Pound-force/square inch

This calculator allows you to convert from Psi to Pound-force/square inch and in a reverse direction. To convert from Psi to Pound-force/square inch, enter the amount of Psi into the first input and to convert from Pound-force/square inch to Psi, enter the amount of Pound-force/square inch into the second input.

1 Psi = 1 Pound-force/square inch

Psi to Pound-force/square inch?

How to convert from Psi to Pound-force/square inch?

To convert Psi to Pound-force/square inch: Every 1 Psi equals 1 Pound-force/square inch. For example, 100 Psi equal 100 * 1 = 100 Pound-force/square inch and so on..

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What is PSI?

PSI is Pound-force per Square Inch (lbf/in2). It is a unit of pressure used in England and USA.

It is the primary unit for measuring pressure in USA. Also, it is widely used in the UK.

1 PSI is equal to 0.0689476 bar. So to convert from PSI to bar multiply by this number. For example, 1000 PSI = 1000 x 0.0689476= 68.9476 bars.

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