Cup (metric) to Milliliter Unit Converter - 1 Cup (metric) in Milliliter

This calculator allows you to convert from Cup (metric) to Milliliter and in a reverse direction. To convert from Cup (metric) to Milliliter, enter the amount of Cup (metric) into the first input and to convert from Milliliter to Cup (metric), enter the amount of Milliliter into the second input.

1 Cup (metric) = 250 Milliliter

Cup (metric) to Milliliter?

How to convert from Cup (metric) to Milliliter?

To convert Cup (metric) to Milliliter: Every 1 Cup (metric) equals 250 Milliliter. For example, 100 Cup (metric) equal 100 * 250 = 25000 Milliliter and so on..

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Cup (metric) to Milliliter Conversions Table