1 Liter = 0.0013079506193144 Cubic yard

How to convert from Liter to Cubic yard?

Liter to Cubic yard?

To convert Liter to Cubic yard: Every 1 Liter equals 0.0013079506193144 Cubic yard. For example, 100 Liter equal 100 * 0.0013079506193144 = 0.13079506193144 Cubic yard and so on..

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What is liter?

In the past, liter was defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water at 4 °C. Nowadays, liter is an important unit of volume used in the metric system which is equal to one cubic decimeter.

In other words, a cubic with 10 cm sides, has a volume of one liter. "L" is the symbol of liter. Liter has a french origin as it was derived from the french unit "Litron".

Liter is widely used, however, the cubic meter is the main SI unit of volume.

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