1 Hour = 60 Minute

Hour to Minute?

How to convert from Hour to Minute?

To convert Hour to Minute: Every 1 Hour equals 60 Minute. For example, 100 Hour equal 100 * 60 = 6000 Minute and so on..

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What is the hour?

The hour is a unit of time. It can be symbolized as hr. It equals 1/24 of a day. It also can be defined as 3600 seconds or 60 minutes.

Time can be measured according to two schemes:

  1. 24-hour time scheme which starts and ends at midnight.
  2. Two 12-hr segments per mean solar day ( A.M and P.M).

The first scheme is the most common scheme that is used by engineers and astronomers


What is the minute?

The minute is an important unit of time. It equals 60 seconds. One hour contains 60 minutes. Minute can be symbolized as min. It is included within the SI system of measurement.

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