1 Hour = 0.0013698630136986 Month

How to convert from Hour to Month?

Hour to Month?

To convert Hour to Month: Every 1 Hour equals 0.0013698630136986 Month. For example, 100 Hour equal 100 * 0.0013698630136986 = 0.13698630136986 Month and so on..

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What is the hour?

The hour is a unit of time. It can be symbolized as hr. It equals 1/24 of a day. It also can be defined as 3600 seconds or 60 minutes.

Time can be measured according to two schemes:

  1. 24-hour time scheme which starts and ends at midnight.
  2. Two 12-hr segments per mean solar day ( A.M and P.M).

The first scheme is the most common scheme that is used by engineers and astronomers


What is a month?

A month is a unit of time. It equals approximately the time it takes the moon to complete one revolution. It is popular to be used with calendars. One month equals approximately 4 weeks or 30 days or  ¹/₁₂ of a year

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